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Start revising for your 2018 Yr8 Summer term science test now!

Revision Materials Here!


The Spring test also covers elements, compounds and mixtures.     Click on the link above to get a copy of the test and then use the revision materials to help you revise.


Yes Parents, the pupils get to see the test before they take it. If you would like more information about the testing please contact Mr J Sharpe on 01437 764147.

Parents Page for module 7 Photosynthesis

Parents Page for module 8 Circuits

Parents Page for module 9


Year 8

The year 8 course covers all skill areas of science investigations through a range of biological, chemical and physical science contexts.

Module Skill Content
7 Predicting Photosynthesis
8 Preliminary Work Circuits
9 Finding Evidence Elements and Compounds
10 Drawing Diagrams Separating Mixtures
11 Evaluating Light and Sound
12 Concluding Chemical Changes