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Gwaith Dosbarth    Biofuels      



Sustainable development, Global Citizenship

Lesson Objective

Evaluate the benefits, risks and drawbacks of using plant oils to produce fuels.

Success Criteria


Task 1

Read C1:17 Biofuels

Task 2

Watch the video below:

Biofuels - The Answer Or The Problem.wmv



Task 3

This task is in preparation for your homework assignment

Your teacher will split you up into two groups for a debate.


Have you been successful?

Do the set question 0n C17 biofuels in the book


Task 5 Extension

Do the set question 0n C17 biofuels in the book




Extended writing task.

Almost all of the crops that we eat can be converted into fuel for cars. Vegetable oils can be used as biodiesel. Diesel from crude oil is called fossil diesel. When either biodiesel or fossil diesel burn they both produce similar amounts of carbon dioxide.

Both types of diesel produce carbon monoxide. However, biodiesel produces fewer carbon particles and less sulfur dioxide.

Use the information and your knowledge and understanding to evaluate the use of biodiesel compared with fossil diesel as a fuel in cars.

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