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Science Department Marking Policy


Exam board: WJEC 

Qualification: G.C.S.E.

Contact: Mr. J Sharpe (Head of Science)

Double Award Science GCSE Examination Board WJEC

All students have to take Double award science as the minimum. To this aim the Science department end KS3 and start science GCSE studies from January of year 9.

Students are taught Science for 9 hours hours per fortnight by three specialist teachers. The course consists of the three Core papers, all of which are covered in Year 10. This leads to the Science GCSE at the end of Year 10. In Year 11 students will study the Additional Science GCSE and take a further three written papers in June of Year 11, together with a coursework task and examination. The outcome is two separate GCSE grades, one in Core Science and one in Additional Science. Both GCSEs are available at Foundation tier (grades G-C) and Higher tier (Grades D-A*).


Triple Science (Separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Examination Board WJEC Biology, Chemistry, Physics

This course is available by invite only, but all pupils with a level 6 or higher at KS3 are encouraged to express an interest. This course provides the option of studying extra content in all three Science subjects and is typically aimed at students who are considering a Science based route beyond GCSE. Students wishing to pursue Triple Science must be highly motivated and will generally be identified as one of our more able and talented students. The course will be delivered by three specialist teachers in 14 hours per fortnight. The content is that of double award plus additional content to provide a more thorough preparation for AS level. The outcome is three separate GCSE grades.

Is it the right course for me?

I might choose this course because:

I will be choosing the maximum amount of Science I can study at GCSE.

I will gain three GCSEs in Science subjects.

I might be particularly interested in Science and want to study it in more depth.

I might already be thinking about what I want to do at A Level and think I will be choosing one or more Science subjects.


Make sure you know which course you are taking. Then download the specification by clicking on the hyperlinks on the revision pages found below. This will tell you what you need to learn for each of the examinations. Make sure you do not take holidays during exam sessions.


Use the WJEC website to look for model exam answers http://oer.wjec.co.uk/

GCSE Courses Specification Exam Dates
Double Award GCSE WJEC Science



Wednesday June 13th 2018  Chemistry Unit 1 & 2

Revision Page

Monday June 11th 2018 Biology Unit 1

Revision Page

Friday 15th June 2018 Yr10 Physics Unit 3

Revision Page 


Monday 11th June 2018 - Biology Unit 1 (Separate), Biology Unit 1 (Double Award),

Friday 15th June 2018 - Physics Unit 1 (Separate), Physics Unit 3 (Double Award)



Thursday 17th May 2018 Yr11 Chemistry Unit 2 & 5 Revision Page,

Tuesday 15th May 2018 Biology Unit 2 & 4

Wednesday 23rd May 2018  Physics Unit 2 & 6

Two Coursework Exams During January  2018 10%

Triple Award Science WJEC Biology, Chemistry and Physics These have exams on the same day as the double award students but each exam has more content and has a greater duration. (1 hour 45 min)

Three coursework investigations Exams During January 2018

A level information Board/spec Further information and resources
AS/A2 Biology WJEC Biology TM and STP


AS/A2 Chemistry WJEC Chemistry TM and STP
A2 Physics WJEC Physics  At STP Only 2017/18