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Gwaith Dosbarth    Energy from Food  


Skills objective


L4 I can recognise, with support, the variables to change and measure and those to be kept the same.
L5 I can identify key variables and distinguish between independent and dependent variables and those that I will keep the same.
L6 I can plan how to control the variables that I need to keep the same and I can make decisions about the range and values of the independent variable.
L7 I can identify key variables that may not be readily controlled and can explain why this is the case.

I can plan to track changes in more than one dependent variable



Content Objective

By the end of this lesson you should know:


Success Criteria



Dweudwch wrth y person nesaf i chi -value, variable, and relationship and explain the difference between a dependent variable and an independent variable.

Now, your partner will explain the energy change which takes place when we burn a fuel such as coal or wood.



Task 1

Your teacher will demonstrate how to measure the amount of energy in a biscuit.  Watch and listen carefully - you will be doing an experiment like this soon!

Alternatively you can watch a video of the experiment below:

Task 2

Your teacher will give you a worksheet to help you plan your experiment.  Identify each of the variables in the table as either dependent or independent.  Now, decide which of the independent variables you will change, and which of the variables you will be keep the same.  Record this in the relevant column in the table.



Task 3

Write the title 'Measuring the Energy in a Biscuit' in your exercise book. 

Decide in pairs how to word the brief for your investigation, and record this under the subheading "Brief".  The following phrases may be useful to help you start:




Task 4

Decide on your hypothesis.  Which biscuit will contain more energy?  The following phrases may help here:




Task 5

Sort the cards into the correct order to show what you will do in your experiment.  When you have finished your teacher will give you a sheet showing the correct sequence.  Check your answers, and then stick the sheet in your book, under the subheading "Method".


Task 6

With your teachers help work out how much energy there would be in a biscuit if it raised the temperature of the water by 10oC by using this sum:

Energy produced (J)= 105 x Temperature rise



Type of Biscuit /Crisp Start Temperature (C) Finish Temperature (C) Temperature Rise (C) Energy Produced (Joules)










Task 7 - Extension- draw a diagram showing how you will set up the apparatus.

Have you been successful?

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